About Us

Ever see your friends sharing photos of awesome rides, or videos of a drifting event they were at over the weekend and think "If only I knew about that event, I would have been there!"? MOTORin' is all automotive, all events, all around you. Never miss another automotive event again with MOTORin'. No matter where you are, what you're into or where you're traveling to-MOTORin' has something for everyone.

SEMA and ClassicCars.com have partnered together to bring auto enthusiasts the largest selection of events across the nation in one, easy tool. We aim to highlight automotive events in an engaging way that brings excitement to young enthusiasts and positively impacts the number of people at automotive events of all categories, size and location.

Simply open MOTORin' in your browser or download the app on your device and it will automatically show you upcoming automotive events local to wherever you are. We have everything from Cars & Coffee, to drifting and racing events, to automotive education workshops.

For all user and media inquiries, you can contact our team at help@MOTORin.com

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