3rd Annual Hebert Candy Mansion Electric Vehicle Show, Shrewsbury Sep 28, 2-6pmat Hebert Candy Mansion on 9/28/2019 at 2:00 PM

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Jeff Manning is at it again, he has planned the following...
You are invited to the 3rd Annual Hebert Candy Mansion Electric Vehicle show.
This year will be different. We will have music, FREE raffle for drivers of EV's and a separate FREE raffle for the public that includes cash and prizes. So please make sure your name is on the list when you come to the event. FREE pizza for drivers will also be available at some point from 2-6pm. We will have a summons race again, this time between an S 3 and X......
There will be an area for those drivers looking to give test rides/drives at the front left of the event. This year I will be putting a few signs up reminding the public that most of these vehicles are PRIVATELY owned and to be respectful and mindful of their children.
There will be many more members of the public coming with all the outreach I have been doing !!!
Zac and Jesse from Now You Know Youtube channel as well as Chris and Rich (and Youtube channel Rich Rebuilds) from Electric Garage will be there.
SEPT. 28 at HEBERT CANDY MANSION RT 20 in Shrewsbury, MA from 2-6pm....but we all know people will be there after that.
Raindate Oct. 5 2-6pm
Jeff Manning
Saturday, September 28, 2019

Event Categories: Educational

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