4th Annual - Electric Vehicle Showcase Inside Pleasantville Farmers Marketat Pleasantville Metro North Parking Lot (Memorial Plaza) - Across from Starbucks on 9/21/2019 at 7:30 AM

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We need 2 types of attendees:
1) People to display their BEVs (you MUST apply and be approved to exhibit since we are limited to 4-5 vehicles)
2) People to engage the public re: EVs and chat with our EV owners
Unfortunately, due to the space at the Farmers Market, space is limited for the EVs to be on display (aka showcase) to those selected. Would love to have other EV drivers/owners come out and support us and engaged the public since there are a LOT of people coming to this farmers market. Come on out or drop me a line if you're interested in assisting. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
The Pleasantville NY 2018 Drive Electric event was an EV Showcase held inside Westchester County's Biggest and Most Popular Farmers Market. We surpassed our 2017 attendee numbers which was AWESOME! Only complaints were EVs drivers shut-out due to limited space for EVs. We were limited to displaying 5 EVs in 2018 by Farmers Market, but we had a massive turn-out, so I'm fine with it. We had about 10 Volunteers and a few special visitors (95th produced green Tesla Roadster, a few more Model 3's, and Bolts).
- Tesla Model 3
- Tesla Model X
- Chevy Bolt
- Smart Electric
- Ford Focus Electric
• Last year our EV showcase in 2018 had over 1,900 people walk through it. The farmers market had over 3,200 people in attendance that day alone.
• A HUGELY popular farmers market which is #1 Ranked (6 years in a row) by Westchester Magazine.
• Largest farmers market in Westchester County (55+ vendors, live music, free kids events, etc)
As part of the Drive Electric Week, this electric vehicle (EV) showcase event will be part of the wildly popular Pleasantville Farmers Market. Normal attendance is over 3,000 people per Saturday.
Electric Vehicle Showcase will include:
• Tesla Model X (SUV w/7 seats) - CONFIRMED TO BE THERE
• Chevy Bolt - PLEASE APPLY
• Tesla Model 3 - PLEASE APPLY
• Nissan Leaf or another popular BEV- PLEASE APPLY
Check out the Electric Vehicles (EVs), meet other EV owners, and introduce non-EV owners to the benefits of EVs.
Reasons To Drive Electric Vehicles
• Fun To Drive (instant torque)
• Better for Environment (even in dirty states)
• Cheaper Maintenance Costs (less moving parts)
• Improve National Security (local energy or solar/hydro/wind)
Thanks and look forward to seeing you.
Saturday, September 21, 2019

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