Ashley Fiolek MX School at Babes in the Dirt Eastat i81 Motorsports Park on 9/20/2019 at 2:00 PM

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MUST HAVE A TICKET TO BABES IN THE DIRT EAST TO PARTICIPATE. Click HERE to get your ticket! Ashley Fiolek is 4x Women's Professional Motocross Champion, 2x X Games Gold Medalist (Super X) and the first female to earn a factory ride for professional racing. She is since retired from racing, but still rides for the fun of it. She founded her school in 2015 and has been helping riders (in particular female riders) of all levels gain proper technique and confidence to be better and safer riders. Ashley has taught at some of the best motocross tracks in the North America and a few overseas. She is also a brand ambassador for Husqvarna Motorcycles, Fox Racing, and SheFit Apparel. Ashley believes the key to great riding is having fun. The Ashley Fiolek MX School is designed to give riders a personal experience and will focus on proper technique, cornering, braking, starts, jumps (for those who are interested), and other skills to help make riders and racers of all levels faster and safer. Fiolek shares her lifetime of racing experience with her students and has created some unique ways of making the learning process fun for everyone. Visit for more information on her typical classes and reviews.  All levels are welcome!  FAQ  What do I need to take this class? You must bring your own bike and have full protective gear. You must also have a ticket to Babes in the Dirt East to participate in the class.  What level rider do I need to be to take the class? All levels are welcome How do I contact the instructor for more info on the classes?  Subject the email "Babes in the Dirt East Questions" and send to Are there refunds? Nope! Please do not sign up if there is any chance you can't make your class. Transfer are accepted :)  To learn more about Ashley Fiolek MX School click HERE

9/20/2019 - 9/22/2019

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