Blue Ridge Stake Outat Chantilly Farm and Campground on 9/27/2019 at 12:00 PM

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Welcome to Chantilly Farm, the home of the Blue Ridge Stake Out motorcycle campout and riding event. This beautiful 200+ acre privately owned outdoor venue is located only 6 miles from Downtown Floyd and near the Blue Ridge Parkway and Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail. This venue is like no other and features rolling green hills, bluegrass music, bike show, on site amenities, star gazing, food and spirits, route maps featuring the best riding the ridge has to offer, places to charge your phone and one hell of a main stage and hangout zone. The people are friendly and so are the local wildlife so make sure to say hi, shake a hand or two, and be kind to the animals that want to check out your bike. For more info about the area and what this is, click on our website and take a dive FAQ I want to attend, where can I join in on the fun? Dates for the 2019 Blue Ridge Stake Out are Sept 27-29th This event is 21+ Are we pre-assigned camping spots? You'll be able to pick your spot when you arrive. There is tons of room and bathrooms in the area for your convenience. Did we mention there's dozen of places to charge your stuff as well as spigots to fill up your canteen with fresh spring water!?!  Are tickets refundable or transferable?  We are sorry but we are unable to refund tickets. Whether you make it or not, the show must go on. You can however transfer your ticket to another guest but you are solely responsible for doing so. Log in to your eventbrite and click on your tickets. You will see options to edit your ticket information. You must type in the person's first name, last name, and  email address and click to save and send new confirmation. If your buddy doesn't get the confirmation, they won't be on the list so please follow up and ensure they got the transfer. No tickets can be transferred after ticket sales have ended. Can I buy multiple tickets?  You can buy multiple tickets for your group. Please realize you will be the sole person in control of collecting and distributing the tickets. Be prepared if you open this can of worms as we don't want to be the ones telling your buddies they can't get in until you show up. Also, if you buy multiple tickets in your name, the eventbrite system will not let you transfer them to multiple people. We recommend not creating any extra work for yourself but do what ya gotta do. Does my ticket need to be in my name to get in? YES, the name on ticket(s) must match your ID. If you get a transferred ticket, it is the buyers and sellers responsibility to ensure the ticket has been transferred to the new name. What does a ticket cover?  A ticket gets you 2 nights and 3 days camping at our reserved campground, live entertainment, music both nights, and all you can drink adult beverages while supplies last. You can expect to get your money's worth as we are big on under promising and over delivering. Are Cars / Trailers / RVs Cool? We do encourage you to ride your motorcycle but understand that “things” happen or you need a chase vehicle. Moto camping will be in one section and cars/trucks in another. They are within a few hundred yards but the best spots will be reserved for everything on two wheels. This event cannot handle rvs, trailers or motor homes at this time. If you do bring a 4 wheel vehicle, you will have to pay additionally for a Car Pass (sorry cars/trucks take up 4 x more space).  If you do plan on bringing a chase vehicle or driving to the event and plan on camping with your 2 wheeled friends, be prepared to hike your stuff in a few hundred yards into the camp zone. Ex., you might want to rethink that 50 gallon super cooler and yurt you planned on bringing.  I am arriving late, what do I do? We've hired 24/7 check in staff and security to help you get in no matter what time you arrive. We do recommend getting in for the night by 6:00PM as that is when most of the festivities will kick off. Are services close by? There are gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, etc 10 minutes away in Floyd. Once to the campground there is a camp store store where you can pick up water, snacks, as well as have access to an ATM. How do I eat?  For your convenience we will have some vendors on site where you can buy breakfast and dinner coffee, and/or adult beverage. These vendors can be expected to be open for breakfast and dinner but closed down during the day while everyone is out exploring the area on two wheels.  I am a brand and want to get involved, whom do I speak with? Our events are private so please contact us by emailing  prior to sending anyone out on your brand's behalf.  Can I volunteer to help out with the event? We need lots of help to put on the Blue Ridge Stake Out and are always looking for a good group of volunteers to keep everything running smooth. If you are interested email with BLUE RIDGE STAKE OUT VOLUNTEER in the subject line and we'll try to find something for you to help out with. What type of motos are allowed? All street legal motorcycles are welcome.  Is your event all ages? Pet friendly? The Blue Ridge Stake Out is 21 and up! Since you are allowed to bring in your own adult beverages we cannot have anyone on the grounds under 21 as we are regulated by the local Sheriff's Department and they have a zero tolerance policy.  NO PETS. If your dog is a therapy dog and is registered, please contact so we can file the paperwork for your pup.  I don't ride, can I still attend?  You might get bored during the day while everyone is out riding the local roads but we'd be happy to have you. We hope this event acts as a catalyst to get you on a motorcycle if you decide to come in your car the first time around. How do I become a vendor? Sorry, this is a non-vending event. This event is about exploring the Appalachian Mountain area on two wheels and making friends around the camp. Ask us how to get involved by emailing for sponsor opportunities.  Are you going to have campfires? We'll have a hand full of designated burn barrels set up in the main common area. Besides that, there are no other fires allowed by rules of the property owners. Are Colors allowed? Due to our agreements with the campground, we can not allow anyone wearing club colors into the venue.
9/27/2019 - 9/29/2019

Event Categories: Rally/Cruise

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