Do-It-Yourself Session at Annapolis Volvoat Annapolis Volvo on 10/12/2019 at 8:00 AM

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The Washington Volvo Club (WVC) continues the 2019 DIY series with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) technical session at Annapolis Volvo in Annapolis, MD from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Their location is 333 Buschs Frontage Rd (Route 50 East towards Bay Bridge, take exit 29A: Buschs Frontage Rd/MD-179, St. Margaret’s Road), Annapolis, MD 21409.
Annapolis Volvo (AV) has Saturday service for their customers, and therefore WVC will have the use of a limited number of of their lifts. We hope to attract a good group who will accomplish normal maintenance tasks. The AV Technician on Duty (usually either Fred Gentile or Mark Oursler) will be on hand to answer our questions and give us guidance as we work on our own Volvos with our own tools. The technician is NOT there to fix your car for you. They offer guidance only.
AV’s parts department will be open during the DIY session, and WVC requires you to use it for the parts you need during the session. Remember that AV grants a generous discount on genuine Volvo parts to all WVC members showing a current membership card. It's best to contact their parts department at least two weeks in advance of the DIY session to make sure that they'll have all the parts you'll need, and/or to allow for any parts that have to be special ordered (an increasingly common occurrence with older cars) to be delivered in time for the DIY.
This DIY is not intended for major repairs that cannot be completed within the scheduled time period. All participants in this event must bring their own tools, and do their own work. Please be sure to review, and make sure you understand and agree to, the Basic Ground Rules for WVC Do-It-Yourself sessions ( before you register for this event. We encourage our Members who are not yet on the lifts to help out when an extra pair of hands is needed, and we’re always happy to show newcomers the joys of simple maintenance activities.
Participation is on a strict pre-registration basis through WVC only; please do not contact Annapolis Volvo for this purpose. You may preregister by completing all items on a registration form and mailing it, along with a non-refundable fee of $50 (which includes lunch and a gift card for the tech on duty), or registering on this page and paying the fee with a credit or debit card. The registration period is September 14th to October 5th, with late registration from October 6th thru 11th. Keep in mind that we can't guarantee there will be room for you if you register late, and if we can accommodate you, the late registration fee is $60. If you mail your payment, your check should be made payable to Washington Volvo Club. Remember that WVC doesn't allow walk-up registrations at DIYs anymore, so if you want to participate, then get your registration in ASAP!
This is the second of two DIYs at Annapolis Volvo this year. Please think of your maintenance requirements, preregister early, and join us at this great location. WVC has a limit on attendance, and we are giving priority to those who get their registrations in early.
Saturday, October 12, 2019

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