Klairmont Kollections Kar Klub Individual Annual Membershipat Klairmont Kollections on 6/5/2019 at 11:00 AM

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Klairmont Kollections is proud to now offer our annual membership. Chicago's finest car collection can be available to you every Thursday and Saturday for the whole year! Klairmont Kollections has over 300 award winning and eclectic vehicles from 1900-present day. With our annual membership you'll be able to take your time and have the time to fully immerse yourself in what is truly a unique experience. Not only will you have the ability to transport yourself back in automotive history, but you'll also have special member-only perks as well! Our Individual Annual Membership to the Klairmont Kollections Kar Klub includes: Annual Admission (excluding special events) Exclusive Membership Card Invite to Exclusive Member-Only Annual Event Discounts on Klairmont Kollections Special Events Monthly Klairmont Kollections Newsletter 2 Guest Passes The cars are the stars, but our two story facility holds vintage posters, neon signs, and other collectibles from floor to ceiling. Klairmont Kollections is truly a Chicago hidden treasure. You don't have to be a car fanatic to appreciate how special Klairmont Kollections is.  Come join us and our Klairmont Kollections Kar Klub Family.
6/5/2019 - 6/5/2020

Event Categories: Auto Show, Educational

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