Louisville Midnight Mayhem XIat Midnight Mayhem Drop Forge Proving Grounds on 9/20/2019 at 12:00 PM

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Louisville Midnight Mayhem XI is the eleventh installment of an annual event that invites students from across North America to Kentucky to compete against one another in a series of events focused on testing the limits of their student designed, off-road vehicles.  Lasting two days, Louisville Midnight Mayhem opens up on Friday evening with the Sundown Showdown.  This is a unique to Midnight Mayhem event that is just for fun and does not affect the over points standings.  The Sundown Showdown forces universities to work together in a relay style event to win.  Saturday is chock full of events beginning at 8:00AM and ending at Midnight.  The daytime features three closed course events for time aimed at testing a specific aspect of the vehicle's design.  At Midnight Mayhem XI, these events are: Acceleration - It's time for a drag race.  While the points are awarded based on time, Midnight Mayhem's acceleration event features a drag race style that includes a drag race light tree and two cars completing their runs simultaneously. Maneuverability - Think off-road style autocross.  Each car will be required to navigate a course full of tight turns, slaloms, 360 degree turns, and more as the Maneuverability Event tests the handling capabilities of the car. BajaCross - A unique twist to the traditional Suspension & Traction course featured at an SAE event.  The courses feature obstacles, jumps, and other things, designed to test a car's ability to maneuver in a controlled fashion.  At Midnight Mayhem, this is spiced up a bit by featuring two cars running the course side by side simultaneously giving a RallyCross style feel to the event.
General Louisville Midnight Mayhem Information
Louisville Midnight Mayhem is an exhibition race, hosted by the University of Louisville and organized by Louisville SAE Baja Alumni, for student built vehicles conforming to the rules of the Baja SAE series. While this event is organized around the use of Baja SAE vehicles, SAE is not directly involved with the organization and operation of this event. This annual event invites students from across North America to travel to Kentucky, test new designs and ideas, show new members what Baja SAE is all about, and compete wheel to wheel against over seventy other colleges and universities in various racing events. Like any other event for Baja SAE teams, Midnight Mayhem’s feature event is a wheel-to-wheel endurance event that challenges teams to navigate a course full of rocks, logs, jumps, and other obstacles to see whose car can make the most laps in four hours. But what makes Midnight Mayhem different? The endurance event is held in the dark! Lasting from 8:00PM to Midnight, Midnight Mayhem is the ONLY Baja SAE related event hosted “under the lights” at night, which is why teams come back for this unique experience each year!
9/20/2019 - 9/21/2019

Event Categories: Rally/Cruise

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