NEW & RECENT OWNER CO-PILOT MENTORING EVENTat Tesla Supercharger on 10/5/2019 at 12:30 PM


Event Description

Indiana Tesla Owners Club (INTOC) announces a mentor program for NEW Owners and those expecting delivery during the next 30-45 days. This Monthly Co-PILOT EVENT will be held the first Saturdays of the month at the Carmel, IN Supercharger at 12:30 pm.* INTOC Co-Pilots will be available to coach new and prospective Tesla owner attendees until 2:00 pm. As you probably know until now, all "manuals" were only online! Co-Pilot Participants/attendees will receive handouts prepared directly by Tesla folks, and ONLY available through Official Owner's Clubs like ours! You do not have to be an INTOC member to participate as an attendee and while signing up helps us plan to have enough coaches attendees can just show up last minute! All Co-PILOTs must be members of the Tesla Owners Indiana Club and have owned your Tesla for at least six months with at least 2500 miles of EV driving. If That's you, except for being an owner-member, then we would invite you to join INTOC at…/J5jRRZf67Mo2dwJQN and help us with coaching the NEW Tesla owners. As an INTOC Co-PILOT, you will be required to meet online for a one-hour live video training session covering official Tesla-provided training materials. Please join the club if you are not already an owner Member, and contact an INTOC board member ASAP  via our website for the coaches training date, time and login information.
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Event Categories: Educational

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